Circular brown logo with aqua butterfly, letterhead, business card, note card, and envelope for Davis Facial Plastic Surgery.

Logo and stationery for Davis Facial Plastic Surgery

Green, purple, and cream logo, letterhead, business card, note card, and envelope for Career Authenticity.

Logo and stationery for Career Authenticity

Bold, graphic design of logo, letterhead, envelope, and business card for the Eritrean Refugee Initiative in Eritrean flag colors.

Logo and stationery for Eritrean Refugee Initiative

Blue and white circular logo with swirls for singer and song writer Todd Herzog.
Orange, purple, pink, white, and green circular logo for the Bead to Succeed project.
The arm of this electric guitar is a flowering cactus. The type curves around it in a circle. Yellow, green, and brown colors.
Graphic light bulb symbol in yellow, white, blue, and grey with sans serif all caps type.
The symbol for this logo is an intricate iron gate designed in black and white. The typography is old style serif small caps.

Miscellaneous logos