Double page ads depicting modified versions of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam fresco painting and Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man drawing.
  • Institutional ads for Concreto's "Galeria de Arte" (Art Gallery) campaign 

    Conscius Assessoria de Comunicação ( hired Studio Lápis and João Bosco Franco as copywriter and creative director, to design this second campaign for Concreto ( These institutional ads introduce readers to the concept that Concreto creates works of art inspired on the masters of fine art. Every ad in this campaign has a promotional website listed near the logo. The site is featured on the bottom of this page.

Print ads featuring Concreto buildings, Water Lilies and the Japanese bridge, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, The Kiss, Still Life With Apples.
  • Sales ads for Concreto's "Galeria de Arte" campaign 

    Each sales ad compares a Concreto building with a famous painting—modernism versus the modern way of living, still life versus real life, symbolism versus the symbol of high quality living, impressionism versus impressing, so on and so forth.

Sophisticated email marketing samples depicting Concreto buildings and famous works of art.
  • Email marketing pieces for Concreto's "Galeria de Arte" campaign 

    The emails mimic the ads, but also show a painting that invites viewers to visit the promotional site for Concreto's art gallery (below.)

Web banner featuring two framed Concreto interiors and a painting hanging over wallpaper, inviting viewers to visit Concreto's Galeria de Arte.

Web banner inviting viewers to visit Concreto's "Galeria de Arte" website

Horizontal scrolling website with tall building, interior of apartment, and A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.
  • Promotional site for Concreto's "Galeria de Arte" campaign 

    Since the concept for this campaign was to feature Concreto buildings as works of art, the hot site had to function as an art gallery, thus moving sideways as if someone was walking near the gallery walls. We designed the navigation to scroll horizontally from the window's vertical scrollbar, rather than the bottom horizontal scrollbar, so that viewers could navigate the site as they do on standard vertical sites. Check it out on this link.